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The AHA Promise of People, Processes and Passion

At Automotive Hospitality of America, the status quo will never suffice. Luxury service begins with our superior personnel who are dedicated to providing our clients with the leading expertise in the dealership experience. Moreover, because we understand what our client's critical needs are, we can deliver quality services that expertly highlight a dealership's systems.

Automotive Hospitality of America's amenities are tailored to meet the client's specific care needs. We go one-step further by providing you with dedicated specialists to handle every aspect of the elite concierge automotive business. Our highly skilled staff will ensure that your needs are always being fulfilled.

Automotive Hospitality of America has systematically developed and designed a five-phase quality training and development model to distinguish the unique level of service required in the automotive industry. We use these processes to assist dealerships in delivering an exclusive experience while allowing them to remain focused on the nuts and bolts of their business.

At AHA, we are completely hands on and believe that the key to a successful client relationship is providing leading service options while maintaining reliability. At Automotive Hospitality of America, people are its passion, which directly contributes to a dealership's ongoing success.


Automotive Hospitality of America strives for brilliance in all areas of its business practices and procedures, and as a result, it has created a technique that offers comfort, flexibility, and luxury in today's dealerships. AHA's "Royal Touch™" package includes these six essentials for a winning dealership experience:

Likeability and Good Manners

Excellent Service at Every Customer Contact Point

Exceed Customer Expectations

Make Customers Feel Valued & Appreciated

Customers Treated with Respect & Enthusiasm

A Lasting Memorable Impression