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White-Glove Personnel

All Automotive Hospitality of America's white-glove personnel deliver exceptional customer service along with the finest expertise in the business. We recognize the importance of people as one of our core values, which is why we bring the top talent to AHA. Our prudent staff has skills and confidence that are exclusive and flawlessly align with AHA's vision, mission, and goals.

AHA's personnel ensure that when someone walks into the dealership they are immediately greeted and directed to the appropriate team member or dealership professional. Our personnel helps all guests effortlessly engage with a salesperson. Our goal is to guarantee that there are no lost opportunities between dealerships and visitors, and our team will always personally acknowledge and recognize guests by name as an added way to provide excellent service and foster guest loyalty.

Our Human Resources division is responsible for recruiting, selecting, retaining and developing the most professional, motivated and respected customer service professionals.

John Diez, President

John Diez has more than 20 years of leadership and operational experience in the hospitality industry with a strong commitment to customer service. Mr. Diez brings that commitment to the Dealership Porter Service in the automotive dealership industry.

Mr. Diez has taken great pride in positioning Automotive Hospitality of America as a customer service business focused on becoming an extension of the automotive dealership facility and providing service that is in tune with the needs of clients and customers.

Automotive Hospitality of America's President John Diez describes the winning advantage his team brings to dealerships:

Automotive Hospitality of America's core objective is to implement programs that guarantee quality, service, and increase higher CSI scores through continually improving, developing and implementing quality service innovations that ensure AHA's long-term success and position of leadership.